Real Estate & Land Use

Local businesses, developers, and landowners turn to Scuderi Law Offices, P.S., in Olympia, WA, when they want top quality legal representation and advice about real estate and land use laws. Our attorneys have been actively representing clients with their property issues for over twenty-five years, and we always give clients our best effort and advice.

We see many real estate dispute cases at Scuderi Law Offices, P.S., including boundary disputes, trespass, adverse possession, misuse of easements, or fraudulent misrepresentation in a real estate transaction. Emotions often run high in real estate disputes, and the cost of litigation can easily overshadow the value of a disputed strip of land. We are always honest with our clients about the value of their case and will recommend settlement if the battle is not economically justified. However, we also stand ready to fight to the utmost for our clients’ property rights.

Whether you are purchasing a property for development, in the middle of development or fighting certain developments, you need the help of a skilled land use attorney to get the results you want. At Scuderi Law Offices, P.S., we understand just how complicated the legalities surrounding land use can be. Rules and regulations change with each passing year, and the parties concerned with what you may or may not be doing with a particular piece of land are a shifting concern that never goes away. We can help you navigate the permitting process and handle any necessary administrative appeals.