Washington Dept. of Labor & Industries Cracking Down on Illegal Contractors

On July 1, 2015, the Washington Dept. of Labor & Industries (“LNI”) announced that it had joined a multi-state sting targeting illegal construction activities which turned up more than 40 cases of illegal construction activity or advertising in Washington State.  The “sting” was coordinated by the National Association of State Contractors Licensing Agencies and included Washington, Arizona, California, Florida, Nevada, Rhode Island, South Carolina, and Utah to deter illegal construction activities.  Continue reading

Washington State Legislature Amends Definition of “Contractor”

In 2007, the Washington State Legislature expanded the definition of a “Contractor” to include any person or entity who improved real property, unless the property being improved was being worked on by the residential homeowner.  Thus, an investor or “home flipper” was required to obtain a bond, maintain insurance and register as a contractor with the Department of Labor and Industries. Continue reading

Attorneys’ Fees Mandatory when Excavation Work Causes Damage to Neighbor’s Home

Hayfield v. Ruffier, 2015 Wn. App. LEXIS 1086 (Wash. Ct. App. May 27, 2015).

The Hayfields and Ruffiers are neighbors in Gig Harbor, Washington.  Beginning in February 2011, the Hayfields noticed water accumulating in their basement – the basement had not previously leaked in their seven years of ownership.  The Hayfields believed that the water was coming from below their washer and dryer, but found no evidence of leaks from those units.

Continue reading